Our Story

The legacy of Morris Eickenhorst

Morris and Linda Eickenhorst grew up in Navasota and Old Washington, TX respectively. They met at Navasota High School in the late 1960s where Morris and 4 friends had formed a band named The Morticians. The band derived their name from the place in which they practiced…the garage of a local funeral home in Navasota. None of the five band members had an adequate place to practice, so in exchange for helping with the odds and ends of the funeral home operations, the owner allowed the band to practice in the garage where they parked the hearses. It was during this time that Morris’ interest in the funeral industry was born.

After high school, Morris decided he wanted to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and join the Houston Police Department. When that didn’t work out, he eventually found himself in the lumber industry and quickly discovered he had a natural talent for sales. He and Linda moved to Conroe where they started a family, and he began to develop his career in the wholesale lumber industry. Many years later, Morris and his business partner formed their own successful wholesale lumber company that still operates under new ownership today.

It wasn’t until 3 decades later that he revisited the idea of starting a funeral home. He had already set himself and Linda up for retirement through his successful lumber yard and his humorist speaking engagements he did as a side hobby. But he felt a pull back to the funeral business that really never left him from his childhood. He kept hearing stories about the extravagant cost of funerals and knew there had to be a better, more affordable way to provide funeral services. As he began to seriously consider the possibility, he started to investigate how to execute his idea, and through some mutual friends and family, he found a way. Operate out of a smaller simple facility while partnering with local churches for their sanctuaries in order to provide adequate space for large services. This would keep overhead and expenses low so that he could ultimately pass that savings on to the family.

He approached his oldest son, William, with the idea, and in May of 2010, Eickenhorst Funeral Services was born. Morris’ youngest son, Jacob, also joined the business after obtaining a business degree at Sam Houston State. For the past 13 years, Eickenhorst has served thousands of families in Montgomery County and the surrounding area and currently employs seven full time staff members and contracts with several other individuals who help with removals and transports. EFS recently purchased property on the west side of Conroe and will be opening this new location soon.

Morris passed away in late 2011, shortly after the funeral home opened for business. His sons have worked hard to carry on his dream and continue his legacy for what they hope will last for generations to come. Through all of the change and growth, the Eickenhorst family has continued Morris’ legacy and never compromised his dream to provide affordable and respectful services to all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds of the community. The mission remains the same. Provide the best service at the most affordable price and honor and glorify God in all they do. It is the family’s hope that this is what comes to mind when you see the Eickenhorst name.

Morris Eickenhorst and The Morticians

"The Morticians" (Morris on keys)